HUGE Changes!

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself; I’m Liz! I am a licensed Esthetician in the state of Iowa. Yes a lovely Midwest born and raised girl who LOVES, probably in a very unhealthy way,  MAKEUP! (shocker!)

I am here to share my passion about skin care, makeup and experiment products with you. I hope to be a voice for anyone who wishes to help me grow a beauty community. Together we  will test products, hacks, and give honest UNBIASED opinions on whether products work and possibly who for.

Let me start by disclosing that no I am NOT a writer, I am sure that will be very evident in the months to come but you know we live and we learn and that’s how we grow. Please bear with me until I get the hang of this thing. 🙂

Let me guess the next question is how did I get to here sitting at my computer with you now? Well, I have had many jobs and I have liked most of them for one reason or another but I have never been passionate about them. I have worked retail, finance, health care etc. and I have met some great people but I can’t say I have been super happy at any of them. They have just felt like jobs, you know not a career if that makes sense.

At the start of 2017 I had my *cough 29th birthday and finally realized after hearing it over and over it finally really hit me: we really DO only have ONE life, so I figure why stay at a job, town or home we don’t want to be if that doesn’t make us happy. I believe 100% that if we work on our own happiness and keep those around us who nurture us that we will be happier and so much more fulfilled. I figure if I don’t start doing what I love now, not only will I regret it but I feel I will have wasted my passion and talents that could have grown and bloomed instead. That’s what I feel we all want at the end of the day!

So here we are the BIG shocker-I decided after so many new things in my life i.e. new year, new age, and new baby (number two) that I was going to quit my job which was in the health care field and do something that makes me happy, spend time with my two boys. indulge in my makeup addiction as well as my photography hobby! Why not right?

I hope you all enjoy my blog! If you have any suggestions for new ideas for posts or have a product that you are thinking about but want someone to pick it apart (pictures included) that’s where I come in! Please leave me a comment or message me and please don’t forget to follow my blog to stay updated on the latest an greatest! I can’t wait to get started on this new path with you!



(Yep those are my initials-pretty handy eh)




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