New (to me) Products TESTED!

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic 2017 so far!

Mine has been crazy already! If you haven’t seen in my last blog my big changes I decided to make in my life and I found out my cousin is ENGAGED! HOORAY!

I am here today to report back on a couple of products I have tested recently. The Maybelline 24k Nudes pallet and the Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour kiss proof lip color in the shade 230. (I apologize in advance some of my pictures got cut off short but you can see them on my Instagram if you would like)

I want to give this a rating scale of 1-5; 1 meaning it didn’t work at all for me and 5 meaning I’m in LOVE!


First off let’s start with the 24k nudes pallet. I picked this up because I saw a lot of mixed reviews on this and the colors look really pretty and something that a lot of people could wear and I just kept seeing it everywhere I went so I decided to bite the bullet and check it out for myself.

So at first when I swatched this it looked decent. I was a little disappointed with the purple color as it was going to be more “purple” and not so almost black-ish. I really was excited to try the gold and the lightest shade the rest looked like great staples but in the end colors that I already have in my collection.

I created a look using the gold tone, dark brown, and the lightest  going for a golden olive look (guess I’m still stuck in fall) and you know I really enjoyed the gold. I didn’t have to use any additive to bring the color out which was nice. They all blended very nicely. I really liked the browns as well the lighter brown shade had a little shimmer but was nice with a light hand to help blend my transition in and give my eye look a little more depth. I always prefer my pallets to have a black in them so you can travel with one pallet and be covered no matter what but I didn’t miss that using this one because the dark brown is so rich that it could easily work as an eyeliner if needed.

Overall they were nice for drugstore and all blended well but in my opinion even at drug store level the pigment could be better on most of the shades. I didn’t get a lot of fallout which is nice but they are a little powdery and not as creamy as I normally like.(which I prefer because I have dry skin so powdery shadows and foundations tend to fall off of my face) I think the drug store has some better options. I really love the Wet n’ Wild line. That’s who lately I keep comparing drug store shadows to. I’d rate it a 3. 


I decided to pick up the Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour kiss proof lip color honestly because I have seen that Lipsense stuff going around (which really is a nice product) but after $25 for the color and another $20 for the gloss just made me want to find something similar at a better price for those of us who don’t have $50 to drop on one lip color.

First of all I will say that I prepped my lips well and lined them with a liner (my lips are horrible-more to come on that issue) first. I was actually nervous about this product at first. It has two steps first you apply the color and then the other end is a clear lock it type gloss. I started to apply the color and it looked SUPER PATCHY at first. It just came off in a big glob instead of even. I maneuvered it a little and got my lips covered then it wasn’t so bad. The lock it gloss took some of the color with it which again made me nervous but I will say at the end of the day the color lasted 8-ish hours and that includes eating a meal in between and YES IT IS KISS PROOF (I tried many times to get that stuff to transfer) It won’t come off when you kiss someone on the cheek or take a drink from a bottle of water. (my husband always jokes with me that he can always tell which water bottle is mine because of the lip color transfer-jokes on him now) Not bad so far, but I am going to continue my hunt for this Lipsense substitute for those of you who are interested. Therefore Prococalips I’d rate 3 1/2 out of 5. 


Hope you all enjoyed my review. Let me know what you thought if you have tried these products so we can learn for each other’s experiences!

Next week I will be posting a few makeup hacks and letting you know what worked and didn’t work. I also have some new products from Limelight coming so if you are interested in that please stay tuned!

Also I am planning a haul/review  from Sephora and Ulta so let me know if you have products you think would be great to review or I would like and I will be sure to try to pick those up.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog and also follow me on social media (links on my home page)




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