Lip What??? Differences in lip products.

We have all been there, you decide you want a new lip color so you head out to the store excited to add or start a lip collection. You head in to your favorite beauty store of section of the drug store anxious to try new things. Before you know it you are surrounded by makeup. Further down the isle you are bombarded by lip color, but which do you choose? Color? Gloss? Stain? Cream? Suddenly it’s like you are stuck in a maze designed by the Queen of Hearts and all you can think of doing is running away so she doesn’t scream “Off with your head!” and you end up in a guillotine.

Today I am here to help you understand what each lip product means so you don’t have to go screaming down the isle at your local Sephora. All you need to think about is what do you want your lip product to do for you?

Let’s get started!

Lip Gloss: Usually used to give a glossy finish as the name suggests. It can comes in a liquid form normally but can also come in a solid. This normally only gives a hint of color. Great for topping off a lip look or adding dimension to the lips. You can also tone your lip color underneath so if you have a pink lip stick that you think looks too pink for the day you can pair it with a more nude gloss to tone it down. You can use this with so many products. You use it to top off a lipstick or my favorite it to throw it on top of a liner or stain so you don’t feel like you have a heavy lip for the day. It is really an everyday product in my opinion.

Lipstick: Normally in solid form this lipstick usually is made with thicker agents like oils or waxes to provide more hydration to the lips. Lipstick will provide more color some are very pigmented. Lipstick also has many forms and finishes (finishes explained later) such as matte, satin, moisturizing, and pearl. The downfall is many lipsticks can have a sticky-er finish. Lipstick is obviously very common knowledge but many have the tendency to transfer throughout the day so if you are looking for color and hydration make sure to throw this in your pocket or purse for the day to reapply.

Lip Stain: Lip stain is completely opposite of lipstick. It is normally a gel or water sometimes with an oil additive as well as added color or henna. Lip stain is to as the name suggests as well, to actually stain the skin of your lips for long wear. Lip stain can range in color. Some add a tint to the lips and others add LOTS of color.  Many stains last for 18 hours or more! They can be a bit drying depending on the brand so I would suggest a balm or gloss on top to keep your lips from chapping.

Liquid Lipstick: Liquid lipstick normally comes in a cream and applies much like a gloss. It contains the color saturation of a traditional lipstick but (in most cases) without the sticky-ness. Not unlike lipstick they come in many finishes and tend to have a bit longer of wear time. I am actually a big fan of liquid lipsticks because of the wear time, but they can take some playing around with to understand how they work on the lips. Be careful with some of these as they tend to “chunk up” if you reapply them during the day. Some can also be a bit drying and flaky. I would suggest a gloss or balm on top, normally it won’t mess with the color too much and you will be saving yourself some frustration with the flaking later. 

Lip Balm: Lip balm normally is not so much for color as it is hydration or healing. Many companies have come out with a tinted lip balm this adds a hint of color as it suggests but mainly focuses on the comfort of your lips. These products are really not great if you want color, but I love using tinted lip balms to top off a matte liquid lipstick or stain to my lips feel more hydrated and it helps aid in wear to your color if you get a matching tone. It is also great for no makeup makeup days where you want a hint of color but want to look very natural.

Lip Cream: Lip cream is by far my favorite lip product. It has the pigmentation of a lipstick but also helps moisturize the lips. They then to have a matte or satin finish. Most of the ones I have tried are pretty lightweight. Most of the time you will need to reapply them throughout the day but I find I don’t need to reapply them as often as gloss or lipstick, and they aren’t normally sticky in any way.

Lip Liner: This is a staple of mine as well. Lip liner  is normally in stick form but tends to be a hint creamier. The goal is to prolong your lip color, and prevent it from bleeding or feathering outside your lips. I will say I have awful lips due to some extreme anxiety I had when I was younger. I would bite my lips a lot. I like using lip liner to shape and correct my lips. You can also use it to add dimension and or fullness. This product really sets the base for what you want your lip look to be.

Quickly let’s touch on finishes.

Matte: Has a soft looking velvet finish.

Satin: Somewhere between having a sheen and matte.

Gloss: Shiny- enough said.

Frosted: Pearly is the best way to describe this one.

Sheer: A hint of color.

Hopefully this will help with the stress of chasing the right lip product through the Queen of Heart’s maze!

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you enjoyed my blog. What is your favorite lip product to wear? How do you wear it? What’s your favorite brand of lip product to wear? Don’t forget to follow me to keep up with my latest blogs, and on social media (links below) to keep up with me day by day. More beauty endeavors to follow!




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