ELF Skin care…worth it?

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing wonderfully now that we are half way through January. (Half of us have been sick at my house) Today they are predicting a huge ICE STORM here so what better way to pass the time indoors than to cuddle up in a blanket and let you know about some new products that are out.

Today we are going to explore a few products from the new ELF skin care line. I picked up a few of the products to try and I’m here to let you know if they are worth the hype. I purchased the ELF Nourishing Night Cream, Hydrating Bubble Mask, and Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool.


I really feel that ELF has been stepping up their game compared to even a year ago. I feel the products just keep getting better and better while staying at an extremely affordable price. These days I leave with more products from them that have impressed me than didn’t.


Let’s get started with the Nourishing Night Cream. This goes for $12. On their website they state “This nourishing cream helps rehydrate and refresh skin overnight for glowing, healthy looking skin. Infused with Purified Water and skin nourishing Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E, and Cucumber to help soothe and protect the skin. Rich in antioxidants Shea Butter, Orange and Lemon.”

I will say that in the beginning I was extremely skeptical because I have SUPER DRY SKIN so the cream has to be pretty intense in order for it to do much for me. I LOVE the packaging. When you open the product it has this seal as many creams do but on the seal is a fun little leaf you use to open (I’m a sucker for details) super cute! The cream is actually really light weight and absorbs very easily on my skin. I think those of you with combo skin may enjoy the texture as well. The smell is really nice, not too strong which is great. It’s fresh and light. I didn’t really notice a big difference the first night I used it, but after a few nights I was pleasantly surprised that my crazy dry skin wasn’t missing my normal thicker night cream. My skin looked smooth and it was pretty soft. Overall this was a win in my book. It isn’t comparable to the higher end that really does transform your skin in very little time but for a drug store cream and the price I really can’t complain.


Their Hydrating Bubble Mask on the website goes for $14. They describe it as “This hydrating and nourishing gel transforms into a bubble mask on the face. Watch as bubbles fizz and foam to remove excess dirt and cleanse pores for glowing, healthy looking skin.” Again with this one I really enjoyed the packaging. My favorite thing was how it dispensed. you literally pump it and it oozes from a small hole on the top.

HOLY COW does this thing bubble! They say to apply to start with a damp face so I used this after cleaning my face or right out of the shower, and wait 5-10 min, then when the bubbles start to fade massage gently and rinse with warm water and continue with moisturizer. I found that they faded faster than the 10 min for me. It really was more like 5 min. I also had to re-wet my fingers before massaging otherwise it created a film as if it dried to quickly and then you just are tugging at your skin which is not the best. I did feel my face was really clean afterwards and my pores showed that as well but it made my skin didn’t really feel hydrated after. It actually felt quite the opposite, but after applying my normal moisturizer my skin really seemed cleaner. Overall it’s another decent win. I have masks that I like more but I will still use this one here and there maybe on heavier makeup days to give my skin an extra cleaning.


Finally the Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool, which goes for $5 on the ELF site. This is what they describe this tool to do, “The silicone spatula provides mess free application so you don’t waste product, while the pore cleansing brush helps to gently remove dirt and grease from pores. No need to worry about possibly transporting oil and bacteria from your hands onto your face with this tool. Spatula can also be used to apply foundation, and the brush for blending color to create a flawless and smooth finish.”

So I really have been expecting someone to come out with a product like this (as an Esthetician am super excited) I love that this really helps you control the amount of product you use and I love that it keeps your fingers off of your skin. Even the brush is soft so it’s not going to be harsh on your skin or exfoliate too much. It is even super easy to clean. The spatula is bendable and easy to work with. I like this tool for thicker masks especially. I find it really easy to work the product onto the face. I can’t wait to use this on a client and see what they think of it as well. In the end I will probably be picking a few more of these up to add to my collection and you really can’t beat the price.

Hope you all enjoyed reading today’s review. I hope this gave you some insight. Have you guys tried these? What did you think or did you pick up any of the other new ELF skin care products? Don’t forget to follow me to keep updated on new products (more ELF coming soon!) and also on social media (links below). Have ideas for more blogs? Send me a message! I will see you all on the next one!




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