Have you tried LimeLight by Alcone yet? (Skin Care edition)

Hey guys!

New year means many things to many of us. Some want to lose weight, eat better, maybe take on the hobby you didn’t seem to have time for last year or maybe try a new hobby? For me I am on a mission to find the best skin care combo for my sensitive but super dry skin. Initially I normally stick to my staples for skin care and change what I think isn’t working. I know that normally they say to stay with one line because they design it to work together but you know rules are made to be broken sometimes. Funny enough I was introduced to a new makeup/skin care line via Instagram (don’t forget to give me a follow!) Kristyn who is a rep was kind enough to send me some samples of this new brand’s products called LimeLight by Alcone just so I can pick it apart for you! I can’t wait to tell you about their makeup products as well! (coming to you next week!) This line is cruelty free, pthalate free and paraben free,SLS free and dye free! Bonus-they guarantee your happiness or your money back.

If you are interested in learning more about LimeLight products you can follow her/contact her via intagram @whiteboxbeauty or email her at Kristyn.Cropper@gmail.com or visit her LimeLight site at Limelightbyalcone.com/kristyn

Let’s get started shall we?

First I want to explain how their skin care routine works because it is pretty much what you think (cleanse, tone, moisturize) but they use different terminology and more steps.
1. Cleanse (surprise, surprise)
5.Glow (I love that they use that word glow it’s what everyone is wanting these days)

Now for the details…

1.Cleanse: For this first step Kristyn sent their product Quench Cleanse which was created for dry skin to hydrate, balance and calm skin issues that may arise with dry or aging skin. It has my FAVORITE ingredient in it which is Aloe! This product seriously feels like when you take Barbasol shaving cream out of the container without shaking it first. It is super light weight and almost whipped. A few times I wasn’t sure if I had enough but it really did a great job at cleaning my skin. (note I am and was at the time dealing with two very annoying dry patches on my face-lovely) My skin felt smooth afterwards and my blackheads didn’t look as in your face as normal. I will say that I had to go back over my eyes a second time but I was wearing full glam makeup that day. I really enjoyed it I think it would be a great addition to any skin care routine.

2.Balance: This one you are only directed to perform 1x-3x a week in the PM only. This is what they call their Skin Polish it is a cross between a thick mask and manual exfoliator. It says it uses jojoba beads to roll away dead skin cells and impurities so oils from lemon, olives, and cypress can restore and protect the skin. When I first felt this product I was a little skeptical it seemed super oily to me and like it didn’t have enough beads to exfoliate my skin the way that I like but I was really pleasantly surprised. Definitely something you want to use at night because the oils do leave their mark so you don’t really want to wear it under your daytime makeup. I really thought the beads did a good job, I still think I would have liked more of them but the oils is where it really won me over. They did a great job of getting into my problem areas and smoothing everything over. I haven’t seen many products that center their mask around oils like this it is normally something more absorb-able.

3. Restore: This step is a serum called Sotox which says it is designed to firm, lift, brighten, smooth wrinkles and reverse aging. Wow that is a lot of claims! This is a serum and that’s exactly what it feels like. No complaints there. I have only been using this for about a week so I can’t report if it indeed smooths my wrinkles or reverses aging but my skin did feel more firm and was definitely brighter after using this product. I really like that all the product absorbed into my skin (some serums do not) and I didn’t feel like I had to wash my face after or anything. I also liked that when I was in a hurry and had to apply the moisturizer immediately afterwards that they didn’t fight each other and still did good things for my skin. This one is in my favorite top three that I tried for sure!

4. Quench: This one is called their Skin Therapist. It’s a moisturizer packed with hydrating ingredients vitamins and minerals used to replenish skin cells, and smooth dry, aged or inflamed skin. Skin Therapist actually made me a little nervous at first too because it seemed a little thin to make an impact on my dryness but it really proved me wrong. I am used to having to find the thickest moisturizer I can to hopefully get my dryness to go away but my dry skin patches I mentioned earlier are less than half of what they were just days ago! It was nice and light weight but it didn’t leave my skin feeling like it needed more. (you know that tightness you can get sometimes) Another win for LimeLight.

5.Glow: For this step I used Must Dew which is in a way a serum but different than the Sotox. It has more essential oils to restore, protect and renew skin cell growth. It says you can use this at night or as a makeup enhancer to give yourself an extra glow. In my opinion I think this product is best at night. I love the way my skin looked in the morning after applying this with the night time routine. It helped keep my skin bright and helped soothe my under eye circles. (thanks to lack of sleep due to a two month old) Under makeup was not my favorite. It looked nice right away but I didn’t think my makeup had as long of wear when I added this in. Did great things for my skin but not my foundation. I still loved this product but would recommend keeping it in your PM routine.

So that was the actual skin care. I did get two extra non face products I would like to share and OMG these where absolutely MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS! So you know how I mentioned a time or two about my dry skin right? Well it’s cold so that try skin is worse on my hands and feet so let me tell you about how that has changed.

First Bamboo Renew which is a super scrub that really works to smooth and hydrate dry areas. It starts out looking like coffee grounds but really after you apply it and add some moisture it lathers up and has SO MANY GREAT INGREDIENTS  like walnut, bamboo, aloe, oils etc. My favorite is the lemongrass smell in it, so refreshing! You really just need to check it out for yourself. I used it on my feet which is my worst offenders as well as my elbows and knees. I really need to buy a whole gallon of this stuff it worked amazingly. Just after one use I can see a huge difference my problem areas look brighter and don’t feel as thick. I need to keep using this. I really think in a week or two that it all will be back to normal enough that I can start using my self tanner in the winter again. (Hooray!)

To piggy back off of that after the Bamboo Renew I applied Creme of the Crop which is a thick cream that uses Shea Butter and many oils to heal dry cracked and callused skin also great for your cuticles. This product really was my favorite on my feet. They suggest using this and wearing those mitts on top to help the product really sink into your skin. (didn’t have those) I used thicker socks at night to help aid that and wow I really wish I wouldn’t have been such a scatter brain and taken before and after pictures of my feet. Between Creme of the Crop and the Bamboo Renew it seriously is such a lifesaver. I liked the product on my hands as well but it does take time to sink in so if you want it to run out the door with I would second guess it because it may take a while before you can open a jar or a stubborn door knob but if you have a few minutes to let it sink in, it really is great. My toenails even look shiner and I am super clumsy which my feet show very well.

Overall I really can’t wait to try more of their products! I will definitely be following them to see what else they come up with. I want to send out an extra thank you to Kristyn for the introduction. Don’t forget they have makeup too and I will tell you all about that next week!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you all enjoyed my blog. Don’t forget to give Kristyn some love and follow me to keep updated on products and hacks to come! Also you can follow me on social media (links below) and I will see you next time!




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