LimeLight by Alcone Makeup?

Hi guys!

It’s finally Friday! Hope you all had a great week as we head into February! (Spring is now a dim light in our dark Winter tunnel) I actually can’t wait for February because that means so many brands will be launching new products so we will have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!

Today I’m going to talk about a few makeup products that were sent to me from my rep friend Kristyn from LimeLight by Alcone. If you want more info or look at more products (they have awesome skin care options too that can be customized for you) please hit her up feel free to ask her questions. or email her at She is also on Instagram just follow @whiteboxbeauty. We will have more from this brand coming soon as well!

Let’s get started…

I really want to start with my least favorite and end with my favorite. (so sorry if this sounds a little negative or if this is your favorite just keep reading) I want to begin with their foundation which is called Botanical Foundation ($38). According to their website it was designed by makeup artists for professionals, great for all skin types. They say to use sparingly because it is actually 50% pigment which is a LOT. Considering you don’t use much at once I don’t think it’s a bad price. There are many methods to get the coverage you desire. This foundation is build-able which is super nice. This foundation is super thick and almost feels waxy when you first touch it. It does dry tacky so it WILL need to be set. It does a decent job of blending with other concealers. I really liked how this foundation started off. I liked how it covered my veins on my cheeks. I also liked how you didn’t have to use a lot which is great that you don’t have to change foundations based on the coverage you want for that day. So many makeup enthusiasts have so many foundations (including myself) for different occasions. Now I have to be completely 100% honest… This is not my favorite foundation. Reason being no matter what I did with this product it really clung to my dry spots in my T-Zone like crazy. I tried to do some extra research to see if anyone else had this issue and saw on their website that they actually recommend that if you have dry skin to add in a bit of their Skin Therapist which is their moisturizer before application. Tried that too and it didn’t change the outcome for me. I even tried a hydrating mask and exfoliant before! Therefore I hunted the internet hoping I would find someone who had the same problem and see if they found a solution because the product really does apply well. I COULD NOT FIND ANYONE WHO HAD AN ISSUE with this product! NOTHING! NO ONE! Apparently everyone else who has tried this LOVES this product! Am I the first not super impressed by this? I feel awful not loving it when it seems that everyone else who has tried this does but I don’t know if I’m just the black sheep or what but again I have to be honest in my review. Maybe if it wasn’t Winter and my skin didn’t have so many dry issues right now then I might have had a different experience. Sorry friends this one was a miss for me.

Next up is the Perfect Eyeliner Pen ($18) which is one of their best selling products. They say it can be used to create thin or thick lines and is smudge proof! I love that is product has a brush tip. I find that brush tips tend to last longer than felt ones. (felt tends to dry out a bit faster) I also like the length of the brush tip; it is longer than some of the others which really help you get the right line you want. I do agree that you can make you liner thin or thick using this pen, and that it doesn’t go anywhere once you let it dry a bit and won’t flake off! It makes it easy to create a nice wing with a super precise tail. My favorite way to use this was to actually tight-line with it since it can really get in between your lashes. I really still have a difficult time tight-lining but it took way less time than normal with this pen.  The only issue I had with this is I had to do two coats to get the intensity that I wanted out of the color. (black) I am so used to pot liners or gel which go on really deeply pigmented that this seemed a bit light, but I did compare it to another pen type liner I have and the color did match up there. Overall a good buy, I will be keeping this one around to play with some more and to ease my struggle with tight-lining!

Last was my favorite of the three and that was their Perfect Mascara in the only color they have-Black. (the only color I use 😉 ) The site says this mascara has lengthening fibers and a clump free formula that will not smudge or flake and the wand helps separate and evenly coats each lash during application. I really enjoyed this mascara! First the packaging feels high end and is SUPER CUTE! It does all it says it does. I especially enjoyed the wand. It was thick and there were so many bristles, it didn’t clump, transfer, smudge or flake! I really couldn’t ask for anything more! The bristles are so abundant that it makes application to the bottom lashes just as easy as the top! I felt it made my lashes look fuller. I can’t say longer because my lashes are already naturally on the long side so any longer and they would be part of my eyebrows! I have seen high end mascaras go for more money that don’t do the job as well as this one. For $20 I think it’s worth the price completely!

That’s everything for today! Hope you enjoyed my blog. Don’t forget if you are interested in any of these or other LimeLight products you can head over to the website above or contact Kristyn for more information. Thanks again and I will see you next time!

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