Make Those Lashes Last!

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is having a great first day of February. I can’t believe that January is already over, I still need to work on writing the year 2017 instead of 2016. With Valentines Day just around the corner many of us will be going “full glam” with our makeup which includes false lashes! (I probably use them WAY TOO MUCH)

I don’t know about you but I used to purchase the least expensive lashes possible assuming I would wear them once and throw them away. They didn’t always look the best but they were cheap. 😉 Now I have learned you can actually purchase the lashes with the look you really want and make them last so you can use them again and again. With lashes you definitely get what you pay for. I would say for drug store lashes where you pay $5-$10 for a pair or two, I find with this routine I can get 3-5 wears out of each pair! So today I am going to share some tips with you to get the most out of your falsies!

1. Removal– First and foremost ALWAYS remove your lashes before bed. I know many people say you can sleep on your back but you are like me, I tend to roll in my sleep so that is never a safe bet. You don’t want to bend them in your sleep or worse have part of them fall off and somehow make it into your eye causing irritation or damage. I find the best way to remove falsies is to use your finger TIPS only and start at the outer edge of the lash gripping the middle of the hairs gently. Then wiggle them off very gently being careful not to grab it by the band as that can cause the band to lose its shape.
Always AVOID using tweezers, lash curlers and your nails to remove lashes as they can cause tearing and your falsie hairs to warp.

2. Cleaning– Shocker! Yes, if you want your lashes to last then you need to clean them especially if you like many apply mascara to them to blend them into your natural lashes. There again are many ways to do this by my favorite is to clean them using a makeup wipe first (again avoiding the band if you can) then micellular water afterwards to ensure all product has been removed. In my opinion with the micellular water, I prefer to use a cloth of some sort rather than cotton balls or tips because they can leave fibers behind which you then have to go back and remove and if you haven’t noticed the constant theme here is to avoid handling the lashes as much as possible. Some bloggers suggest soaking the lashes in water/conditioner mixture which I have tried and I find that it works to clean them but doesn’t help the band keep its shape as well as the makeup wipes and micellular water.
To clean the band and remove the glue there are two options, one is to purchase glue remover specifically for lashes. (not my favorite) I think this works well but if you don’t go back to clean the cleaner off the band afterwards then any glue you try to apply for repeat wears doesn’t stick as well. So I recommend just using your fingers by holding the hairs near the band with one hand and gently removing the glue with the other. This way the hairs are less likely to warp and the glue will normally come off in clumps or strips pretty easily.
Extra tip-Use a good lash glue. I really like the Lashgrip. Always makes my lashes stay on all day and I never have a problem getting the glue off at the end of the night.

3. Maintenance– Finally there are a few extra steps you can do to prolong the wear of your lashes. First and most important comb your lashes. I like to use a spoolie. (the thing that you use to brush your brows that looks like a mascara wand) Especially after you clean them and before they dry it is so important to comb them to separate and keep the curl of your lashes. Even before they are fully dry I like to use baby oil on them (LIGHTLY) to keep them looking soft and fluffy. I usually use a cloth for this step too. (because of the hole cotton issue) Finally I store them before they are full dry. (see below)

4. Storage– As I mentioned I like to store my lashes BEFORE they are completely dry reason being. I keep the original packages because of the moon shapes for the bands to stick to this way the moon shaped packaging can help maintain the shape of the band. It also keeps the dust away. Also make sure you store them away from sunlight (especially if you wear them bare) as this can change the color of the lashes and possibly warp the band. I just keep mine in a small drawer.

So go ahead and splurge on your favorite lashes! Makes the more expensive ones a little more worth it!

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