Teeth whitening: Charcoal Tooth and Gum Powder- Does it work?

Hi guys!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Hope everyone is celebrating in their own way whether you have a significant other or are a happy single Sally. I can’t help but notice SO MANY MAKEUP tutorials in the last week so I didn’t want to bombard everyone with a look but more of a different kind of review. Two of my most important things I strive for in a special occasion look is my lashes and how white my smile is.

I have recently seen SO MANY ads on social media for a teeth whitener that is a charcoal powder, and I just couldn’t resist trying it out! Enter Amazon! I found one that had good reviews called the inVitamin pure & powerful all natural activated charcoal tooth & gum powder. I got it from Amazon 2.75oz for $9. The company states that it promotes healthy gums without toxic ingredients, removes stains from wine, coffee, tea and tobacco. They list every ingredient and its benefits on their website invitamin.com. It also comes in 4 different flavors: Spearmint (the one I purchased), Cinnamint, Citrus, and Peppermint. The directions say to apply a small amount to a damp toothbrush and brush as normal and okay to use on a daily basis.


Let’s start with the pros:

The flavor of this really does come through. I didn’t feel like I was eating charcoal at all. It really felt like a powder. It wasn’t gritty or rough at all. A little bit really does go a long way. I literally put a pinch on my toothbrush and that was enough to do the job just fine. This product made my teeth feel super clean, smooth and fresh. I drink coffee on a daily basis and had a baby a few months ago so my teeth were initially pretty stained due to my gums bleeding during pregnancy and the coffee I mentioned. I tried to take a good picture of before and after but you really can’t tell unless you saw it in person.

My struggles:

Okay, as you can tell already I really liked this stuff. What I didn’t like was that they don’t give you a lot of direction when it comes to use. All it says is to use a small amount and that you can use it daily, and to not swallow. THAT’S IT! I really would have liked to know how much to use maybe if they would have included a scoop or something and how often to use to get the best results like twice a day like normal toothpaste? Once? I really feel in the dark- even the website doesn’t give a lot of direction.

So this is how I decided to use this. I took my toothbrush and got it wet then took a pinch of product and sprinkled it on top then immediately started to brush like normal. After brushing, because it said not to swallow the stuff I was worried that it would sit between my teeth or something, I  decided to brush again with my normal toothpaste. No additional black substances came out while doing that so I’m not sure that was necessary but you know-better safe than sorry right?

The results:

I could tell a difference right away, especially in my bottom teeth which is normally the worse area for me, but if you follow me on Snap Chat (lizvader06) you saw that it didn’t plaster my teeth white like you see in commercials but to be fair it doesn’t make that claim, the ads just make you think that way, so I used it this way for four days and again each day my mouth really feels super fresh, my gums feels better, my teeth are smooth and definitely whiter, enough that my husband started using it too! (without me making him lol) I would say this is a win. I see this small container lasting the two of us quite a while. I don’t think I’m ready to give up my regular toothpaste anytime soon but if you are looking for a boost for your teeth, put this on your list to try for sure!

Thanks everyone for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Has anyone else tried this stuff? what are your thoughts? Sorry I’ve been MIA for a week, I have been trying to figure out a good schedule with these two crazy kids of mine. I have so many more products to tell you about coming soon and I promise now that the Valentine’s Day craze of makeup is done I will post some tutorials here soon. Let me know if you have any ideas or products you are curious about. I’m always up for a challenge! Don’t forget to follow me to keep up to date with new posts and on social media (links below) and Snap Chat for daily life updates! Until next time!





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