Battle of the $4.99 products Wet N’ Wild/Jordana: Hot or Not?

Hi guys!

Spring is right around the corner (don’t look outside if you live in the mid-west) and we all know what that means… new products, bright colors and car windows rolled down and wind in your hair! 😉

Today we are going to discuss my thoughts on some new products from Wet N’ Wild and Jordana. All of these products I purchased from Walgreen’s and I know many people have talked about them already but hopefully I can shed some different light on these for you.


Let’s get started!

Jordana is a great brand at Walgreen’s (if you haven’t tried their lip liners-you need them) super affordable really in comparison to Wet N’ Wild. I never see much for product in the stores around here but they definitely have some hidden gems. I picked up their new strobing and contour sticks.

Glow N’ Go Creamy Strobing Stick-Pearl Glow ($4.99)
I picked this up in the lightest color Pearl Glow (I love me some pearl). When I swatched it it really DID feel creamy as the name suggests it glided like butter onto the back of my hand. I was super excited for this product…and I was extremely disappointed. This stuff doesn’t blend and what I mean is you apply this on top of a foundation before powder if you ARE going to powder and it seriously is just a line on your face. You can tell exactly where the product starts and stops-so blend it right? WRONG! When you try to blend this (I tried fingers, a sponge and even a brush) It either does nothing, dilutes to straight silver chunky glitter or into nothing. I really can’t think of much use for this because even as part of an eye look or lip look it is going to transfer and just be glitter. Now if you love glitter this probably sounds great but no sadly- the glitter although there is barely there, and not easy to build up and it stays super tacky and if you try to set it it either disappears or makes your setting medium patchy. PASS for me.

Sculpt N’ Go Creamy Contour Stick-Light ($4.99)
Right next to the strobing stick was this contour stick which I am sort of on a mission for a really nice contour because I feel like we are lacking in the cool tone range that isn’t muddy looking and which is really what I prefer my contour to be. This one really mimics the strobing stick in texture and application when you swatch it so because I started with the highlight I wasn’t super excited. Surprisingly this stuff isn’t too bad. It definitely isn’t my favorite but if you want a really natural contour for those no makeup makeup days then this may really work for you. It really blended nicely and wasn’t patchy. I would have liked it better if it were slightly more pigmented even for the no makeup makeup days but you can solve that by going a shade darker. My favorite way to blend this was with my fingers. I think the sponge and brush took too much of it away but really nice for someone who doesn’t like a lot of makeup or maybe a beginner trying to learn how to contour for the first time.

Wet N’ Wild has really been stepping up their game lately- more of their products keep getting better and better and I have been really impressed by them.

MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick-Pink Really Hard, Rebel Rose, Berry Recognize, Missy and Fierce ($4.99)
So I was watching YouTube and saw a beauty guru talking about these new liquid lipsticks so you know I HAD to try them. She claimed they were super bright, lasted for her all day and didn’t try her lips out (that part made my ears perk up). Let me tell ya’ she was right about the color they are AWESOME! They are literally the color that they look like in the tube, they glide on very well and dry down pretty easily and even layer with other colors decently well too. I LOVE the applicator. It has a dip in it perfect shape for the lips. I do have to disagree on a few things though. In my opinion they all lasted really well accept the darker you go in color the less amount of time they lasted for me before wearing off. The only other issue I had was with one specific color- BERRY RECOGNIZE: Seriously this one lasted the least amount of time for me, and it didn’t just wear off it CHUNKED OFF! You know that gross peel off like a bad sunburn type of chunk. I was super sad because the color is BEAUTIFUL but I bet I got about 2 or 3 hours of wear before it just flaked everywhere. I don’t know if I got a bad tube or something but this one is going in my reject pile. My favorite was Rebel Rose. It was beautiful, lasted even through eating and was a really nice cross between a deeper cool nude and mauve. I would need to try the rest of the color to check their wear as well but as of now I would recommend staying away from the dark colors unless you need that specific color and make sure to bring some lip balm with you.


MegaSlim Skinny Mascara-Black ($4.99)
Thought this was a super interesting product because this mascara says that it is supposed to grab on to each lash with super black pigment and my mind immediately went to my lower lashes. I have a HUGE issue with getting my lower lashes coated with mascara because they are so long they just stick together so either I can’t get them at all or it comes out super chunky, and I end up smearing black everywhere! This stuff is a DREAM COME TRUE! FINALLY!!! I have found an amazing product to grab my lower lashes. It is SO NICE! I wouldn’t say it is super black right away which I don’t mind but it is build-able so you can use one coat for everyday or that no makeup makeup day or two coats for more drama. No complaints here the wand is really what makes this stuff. SOLD! I NEED BACKUPS PRONTO!


Photo Focus Pressed Powder-Warm Light ($4.99)
Okay so when I walk by something that says “no flashback” my head immediately turns. As a makeup artist I am always on the hunt for products that don’t have flashback so my clients look as good in their pictures as they feel when I am done with my application. So I HAD to try this. When you swatch this it is super soft, you do see pigment but it’s not glittery or chalky in any way. It is just a really smooth pressed powder. This one did NOT disappoint me. This stuff is AWESOME! I love it to set foundation. It does such a good job, yes I didn’t see any flashback and I feel it did a great job of helping fill in pores. Again I really can’t say anything bad about this stuff. I think I am going to pick up the rest of the colors for my pro kit. You can’t lose- affordable and it WORKS!


All in all this was a really successful haul for me only a couple of products really  made me sad and most really blew me away! There is SO MANY NEW PRODUCTS out what do you guys want to see? I got a request for remedies for damaged hair. What other hair issues do you guys want me to explore?

Thanks again for reading. I hope you enjoyed my blog. Don’t forget to follow me to keep up with new posts and products. You can also follow me on social media (links below) Ill keep you posted. Until next time!




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