Should you wax your nose hairs? (Pros and Cons)

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Today I want to talk about waxing (and not where you think). I want to talk about waxing your nose hairs!

As an Esthetician we get trained in so many skin treatments including waxing. It was never my favorite thing to do honestly I felt awkward doing it especially in sensitive areas but I never minded doing feet, or facial hair. One of my friend Esty’s told me about waxing noses and of course since I was still in school I had to try it!

Let me explain the process quick for you. It is super easy, but please leave it to the pros as a few mistakes could really cause problems. All they do it take two applicators with hard wax to a caramel type consistency on them and place them carefully in the nostril. They wait for the wax to harden then place one hand on the client’s forehead and the other they use to quickly and painlessly pull the applicator out then VIOLA instant clean nose and you can even see all the hairs on the stick after (gross I know but super interesting for me lol)

The Pros:
I know this seems like a weird thing to do but really especially in the summer, waxing your nose helps you breathe so much better. I never knew how much those little hairs made a difference until I bit the bullet and tried it.
It really doesn’t hurt either! It is like pulling a bandaid off quick and pinches for just a second and then you are good to go!
I know more men than women who do this too because they don’t like trimming their nose hairs and they just want a solution for the ones that tend to stick out beyond their nostrils. It’s a great way to keep that contained with less maintenance.

The Cons:
If you don’t go with someone who knows what they are doing you can pull too much hair out. Meaning you don’t want to pull out the hairs that are way up in your nose because these hairs also serve as a filter to keep the bacteria and yucky air stuff out.(Which is why a doctor will probably tell you not to do it)
If you are prone to nose bleeds your nose may run or bleed afterwards. Your skin is more sensitive there and so you need to take that into consideration because bleeding anywhere and NOT taking care of it could lead to further problems like infection.

Overall I think this is a great method to keep those pesky hairs at bay but it certainly not for everyone. Take caution on who is doing it and your nose sensitivity. I personally do it for myself and have not had any problems. I would second guess doing it in the winter as most people’s noses tend to get drier, tend to have more nose bleeds, and more illness that goes around. It is for sure a summer or warmer weather option.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope this helps you make your waxing decision easier. Do you wax? Why or why not? Do you do it yourself or let a professional do it for you? I would love to know your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Should you wax your nose hairs? (Pros and Cons)

  1. Holly says:

    I do! First time I had it done was about 10 years ago. I do it maybe every 6 months or so. Just depends. I always let a professional do it for me, but I also don’t have my own hard wax (it should be here today though)!! Still not sure I’m brave enough to do it myself. I have a hard enough time pulling my own mustache wax off. 🙂 I had someone nervous to have it done and asked me if the hair grew back thicker after having your nose hair waxed… I guess I don’t notice that, but I’m not really sure? Do you know?


    • livbeauty06 says:

      Yeah that has always been a rumor. The truth is that it actually is the opposite. The more you wax especially legs etc. the less the hair grows back. It’s like when you tweeze your brows too much and the hair stops growing. Every 6 months will probably take a longer time to see a difference but regular waxing 4-8 weeks depending on the person you will see more of a difference.


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