Pinterest hacks tested:Summer legs, longer lasting mascara, curl those lashes, 3 day hair trick, and keeping those split ends at bay.


Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Today I’m going to share with you some Pinterest hacks tested and my personal results.

Let’s get started…

Hack 1-Summer leg ready
Prep for summer leg season. How? After you shower try using baby oil gel on your legs immediately then after your legs has absorbed most of the oil follow it with your favorite body lotion. They suggest a Vaseline brand with cocoa butter but I just tried it with my trusty Curel. This one works WONDERS! I had some really bad rough skin especially on my knees and tops of my feet sort of by my ankles and after one try of this method they were 99% GONE! Then by the third try they were 100% GONE! This is AMAZING! I actually started doing it to my arms as well. It’s perfect for those who are looking to prep for self tanner too! I am so impressed. Thank you Pinterest, this one was a WIN!!! Everyone needs to try this.

Hack 2-How to save your mascara’s life
So we all hate it when we are getting ready for the day and realize that our favorite mascara has dried up. We start to panic. The “solution” to this problem is to take your used or dried up mascara and run the tube while closed under hot water which warms the product up and makes it usable again. This one does work keep in mind the thickness of the tube of your mascara. The thicker the longer you have to heat it but it won’t apply the same way or at least it didn’t for me. It coated my lashes fine it just wasn’t at the same caliber as it did when I first purchased it. So in a pinch this works fine but not a long term solution.

Hack 3-Heated lash curler
I always have a hard time getting my lashes to curl even with a curler they don’t last all day like EVER. So the hack says to take your curler and a hair dryer and heat the curler for 30 seconds or so and then curl your lashes. In theory this makes sense just like when you curl your hair it requires heat. Tried it and it did curl and it lasted longer than normal but still did fall a bit by the end of the day. I think part of the problem is the right product. I don’t think I have found my “holy grail” mascara… yet. BE CAREFUL if you try to do this because trust me from experience that curler gets HOT and it can and will burn you if you are not careful. I probably won’t use this again but if you are wondering; I’d say it does work.

Hack 4-3 Day hair care
So many of us hear the rule to only wash our hair every three days or so. I can’t speak for everyone but my hair gets super greasy at the roots if I go too long between washing it and I know what you are going to say “get a dry shampoo” and yes that DOES help but by day three it starts failing. This hack says that when you wash your hair reverse and modify the process by conditioning first and just in the middle and ends of the hair waiting as most conditioners direct then wash with shampoo concentrating at the roots and rinsing it through. I have been trying this one out for the past three weeks or so and I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle worker but it really does help for me. Keep in mind that I do use leave in conditioner on my ends daily especially in the winter as my hair is fine and is prone to damage. I found too that I actually use less product caring my hair this way. Because of that and the fact that in a pinch this method has helped me squeeze an extra day out of my hair washing cycle I am going to continue to do this. I really like it and I think it’s worth it. I save money and my hair gets a little more life. Win.

Hack 5-Coconut Oil
This one probably isn’t much of a secret anymore but with all these new hair products coming out I feel the need to reach out and give credit to an oldie. There are so many oils and hair masks out right now. I feel like every time I browse the Ulta or Sephora “just arrived”, or “what’s new” section the more new hair care I see. The day I wash my hair an hour to three hours before I wash it I apply organic coconut oil. I just pile my hair put and let it sit then i just rinse it out and start my normal wash routine. (hack 4) This has seriously given me so much more shine and hydration. My split ends have improved tremendously! Now if you already have split ends this isn’t going to fix them. I had to get my hair trimmed back to the healthy part then start this and it just makes my hair feel and look so much better in between salon trips.

Hope these hacks are helpful. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my blog. Have you tried any new hacks? Are there any you want to see tested? Leave me a comment or message me. Also be sure to follow me to keep up with my latest and greatest posts. You can also follow me on social media (links below) or on Snapchat for some everyday updates. ( lizvader06 ) Until next time!




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