False lash tips and tricks prep and application.

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I hope your first Monday in March is fantastic!

On my last post about false lashes I had quite a conversation about how to apply them and how to find the best lash for your needs which in my opinion means finding your favorite lash and making it work for you. So that is what we are going to talk about today.


– Create flexibility in your band-
You can make your lash band more flexible which will help it adhere better to your eye by either bending it yourself or if that is difficult for you try wrapping it around a pencil or pen for a few seconds.

-Trim your lashes-
Always measure and trim your lashes. It is super easy to do and MOST people need to do this. The best way I have found is to take the lash as if you are going to apply it and place it on your lash line then take small lash or brow scissors and trim them to fit your eye comfortably by trimming the end towards the edge or your face. This will help you create the most natural looking lash possible.

-Create sections-
If you want more control of your lashes or have trouble with band lashes you can cut it into sections to apply to either space out to make your lash look more natural or to just have more control of the gluing process. If glue is your obstacle then you can cut them into halves or thirds and glue them in sections, or if you want the natural route depending on how large your eye is you could cut them into thirds or fourths  or even more depending on the style and look you want to create. I know by a certain point some may question it and say why not just buy the individual lashes, which you can but band lashes tend to be a little less expensive, and by cutting them yourself you can tailor the look and keep the benefit of control. Plus individual lashes can intimidate some so this way you can use the best of both worlds and find the size or grouping you are most comfortable with.

-Apply glue and WAIT-
I know many people have touched on this one before but few actually do it, and it really can make a difference. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, the tip is to apply the lash glue then let it sit about 30 seconds or so until it gets tacky then apply the lash. This will help prevent the lashes from slipping and sliding around when you apply.

-Glue placement-
When you look at the lashes think about which part of it actually touches your eyes and that should be where you apply the glue. Sounds simple but so many people just skip this and slap the glue on then it doesn’t actually stick the whole day because the glue wasn’t in the best place possible.

-Apply more glue to the ends-
When working with a brand new set of lashes in particular make sure to apply a little more glue to each end to keep the lashes from popping up during the day. Now don’t GLOB it all over the ends but just a little extra is all you need.

-Apply glue to lash line-
If you have trouble with lash glue or getting the lashes close to your lash line then you can actually take your glue and apply a thin layer to your lash line instead of the actual lashes. Be careful though to not get the glue in your actual eye and some glues when  applied this way not thinly enough can cause a more heavy eye look or certain liners to slip around because you are applying essentially a liquid on top of a cream or powder.

-Look down-
When you get to the step of actually placing the lashes on your lash line place your mirror in front of you so you are looking down. Don’t close the eye, you still want to see that is going on but looking down gives more control and your natural lashes will be put in the best position to give you the most space possible for application.


-Use the right tools-
They actually make tweezer looking tools to apply lashes, which I highly recommend. You can also use your bare fingers assuming you don’t have long nails. I would not recommend tweezers or your nails because both are a little too pointy to have so close to the eye especially if you are a beginner and if you grab too tight or in the wrong spot with your tweezers you can actually warp the shape of the band or bend the hairs on the lash which is really hard if not impossible to completely fix.

-Take your time-
When applying lashes take your time. You are working in a very sensitive area on the body where the skin is very thin. Patience!

When you apply the lash the easiest thing I have found is to swoop or scoop the lash down to your lash line. This helps prevent them getting stuck to your natural lashes.

-Lock down the center first-
In my experience when working with either a full band or halves or strait up individual lashes, the end product that looks the best starts by applying the lash like tiles in a kitchen floor, start at the center and work your way out. For sections it’s self explanatory use the middle lash section first. Then if the edge needs a little extra trimming it’s an easy fix. For single bands when you are applying them grab the center first and put in place then attach each side.

I didn’t know how else to describe this step but what I like to do is after my lashes are applied sometimes the band or glue can still be visible so I take my finger or applicator and VERY GENTLY pull down on the lid skin on the top. Maybe not everyone need to do this but I see a difference. I feel that this helps my lashes to be pressed into place and my skin to really melt in with my band. (I know hard to picture)

After you have successfully attached the lashes and let them dry into place use your mascara and apply a thin layer. I know some don’t like doing this but I recommend at least applying it at the base to help blend your natural lashes into your falsies which will help them to appear a little more natural. Then you can touch up any liner needed.

-Beginner specific tips-
I highly suggest starting with cheap lashes and grab a few pairs.If you ruin a pair they were cheap and then you have a backup to try again. Lastly I bet you know what I am going to say PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! We all were beginners once upon a time. I promise you will find what works for you then it will only get easier and more comfortable each time you do it/ wear them.

Lashes can really transform any makeup look. There are so many shapes, thicknesses and styles you can use them with natural looks, glam looks or anything in between. They are seriously my favorite makeup element.

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope this was helpful. What tips and tricks do you like when it comes to lashes? Leave them in a comment below. Don’t forget to follow my page so you can stay updated on my latest and greatest posts. You can also follow me on social media (links below) or on Snapchat (lizvader06). Thanks again and until next time!




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