Ipsy VS Boxycharm

Hi guys!

Happy Friday! It has been a long week. I am sure you all are as ready for the weekend as I am.

I recently switched subscription services. From Ipsy to Boxycharm. For those of you who have NO idea what I am talking about. There are so many subscription services that once a month will send you product for a monthly fee. This is a great way to try out new items that maybe you wouldn’t normally spend your money on or haven’t thought about spending it on.

Now like many other people the first time I was pointed to these services was for Ipsy which costs about $10 per month depending on which subscription length you choose and they send you 4-5 sample size products and ask you to review them. When you do so you receive points you can later redeem for other sample size products off their website. You also get points for referring friends.
This was a great service to start off with. I do like that you can earn other rewards. You actually start by taking a quiz for your skin type and tone as well as the type of products you are interested in receiving. They say this quiz paired with your reviews will help them tailor your monthly glam bag to your needs/preferences. They send you a variety of brands which is nice too. They send you the product in Ipsy bags which are makeup bags that they create just for the subscribers, and I really found that to be a nice touch.
I really liked Ipsy. I just got really frustrated with them quickly, part of it was just my expectations based on what they say and the other was really them as a company. First off I LOVED getting samples of products but the samples were the very small ones vs. the larger samples which would have been nice to have so you get more than one use out of the product to really form an opinion about it. I found it really hard to write a good review or even form an opinion for a review because I RARELY got to use a product more than twice which sounds picky but I like to OCD my opinion because I would actually like to repurchase it if it is something that actually works for me or may work for someone else. You know that issue was really just me though because what can you expect for $10 a month right? Then the last few months of the service when I began questioning it I kept receiving the same colors of product like different brands but they same color glitters or shadows. Then CC creams in the completely wrong shade. As they suggest you need to review them so they know, which I kept doing and it really never improved.
The day came when I decided to cancel my subscription at this point I had come to the end of my year long commitment. I went through the process and they have you take a survey asking why you want to cancel which I didn’t mind doing. I understand they are just asking for feedback. In the meantime after  I canceled my service I had to get a new debit card with a new number. October came and I noticed my card had been charged by Ipsy. Weird so I contacted them explaining that I had canceled and would like my money returned to me as they had charged me for a whole year, and my NEW card was charged which really made me nervous. So I logged into my account on Ipsy and indeed they did have my new number on file and I know for SURE that I  NEVER UPDATED IT. I had canceled this service three months before my year commitment was to end and had gotten my card a month before they charged it. So It has been 2 months since I had even logged into my Ipsy account. It took FOREVER for them to reply so I contested it with my bank. That is when they actually decided to reply. The issues ended up being resolved and they gave me my money back. I don’t know who screwed up probably both Ipsy had to have called my bank to get my number. I asked my husband if he somehow resubbed for me and he said no. Either way my bank should have NEVER given out my info without my knowledge, and I don’t think Ipsy should have gone to that length to get money from me either. Both  make me super nervous. Unless there is some policy I don’t know about. (ok sorry rant over) I won’t go back to Ipsy that’s for sure.

Boxycharm is the same type of subscription service as Ipsy but it is more money. $21 per month but you receive 4-5 full size products and they guarantee each box’s worth to be over $100. Immediately I got excited. I also did my research and no one had any complaints accept for being put on a wait list. Ipsy has a wait list too or at least they did when I signed up so that wasn’t a deal breaker for me. It took about 3 weeks to get off the wait list. The process is that they send out all the boxes to their current subscribers first then start taking people off the list depending on how many extras they have. It is also nice that they don’t actually charge you until they send your first box out.
One downside that people said vs. Ipsy is they don’t have a quiz like Ipsy so the box is more generic and not as tailored as Ipsy. That didn’t bother me as my quiz from Ipsy didn’t do much good for me and I’d trade that for full size products any day. Boxy doesn’t come in nice bags or anything like Ipsy so if that is one of your goals then Ipsy might be a better option for you.
Boxy was a really nice change of pace for me. I am so happy that I switched. Ipsy is nice to start with to see if you like the whole subscription service thing. They make these things for so many different categories now even Walmart and Target have their own. They make health, sport, men, kid, dog, beauty subscriptions and so many more! I really enjoy it although I don’t feel the need to subscribe to all of them but they are a nice pick me up once a month and something to get excited about and look forward to.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my rants today. (sorry I had to blow off some steam) What is your favorite subscription service and what do you like about it? leave it in the comments below. As always make sure to follow me to keep up with the latest and greatest posts and you can follow me on social media (links below) or on Snap at Lizvader06 for everyday life updates. Until next time!




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