New Pixi Products tested!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing well and avoiding the nasty bugs that have been making us all sick lately. (hence why I’ve been gone) There has been SO MANY new releases lately. It has been hard to keep up with it all! So today I thought I would start with some Pixi products that I ran into. There is so much more to come.

Let’s get started…


Strobe and Bronze $20
Initially I wasn’t very excited about this palette. All of the colors accept the two deeper shades are pretty glittery. The packaging is typical Pixi not bad but still plastic. I wish the names of the colors were next to each shade instead of the back. Makes it a little confusing. If you love glitter I think you will really enjoy this set. They swatch really well, they have a good balance of pigmentation and blend ability. I didn’t find them chalky or chunky in any way. I liked the bottom middle shade which I think is called Statuesque. It is the deepest but it has a bit of a burnt almost red undertone whereas the lighter option is definitely orange based. I don’t see this working as well for lighter gals but if you are in the medium spectrum you may get more use out of it. I think I will throw it in my kit, I’m sure it will come in handy. I think the shimmery bronze shade would be really pretty as eye shadow. Overall not my favorite buy for personal use but I think I will get good use out of it professionally.


Strobe and Sculpt $20
This palette was the better buy in my opinion if you are going to compare the two. I see way more use for me and use for clients out of this one. The packaging of course mimics the Strobe and Bronze. I really enjoyed all the highlight shades as well as 2/3 of the “sculpt” shades. I really love the middle pink shade but again for eye shadow or for deeper skin tones I think will be really pretty. The Banana shade did a decent job as well, it wasn’t too yellow but still did enough to brighten where it needed to. The sculpt shades I can definitely use again mostly with clients but I did try the cooler of the three for myself and you need a very LIGHT hand with it but it can really work for a variety of skin tones. I am excited to use this one again in my kit. I will be pulling it out often for the summer for myself as well.


Strobe and Sculpt Brush $14
I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I normally am not a fan of dual ended brushes because I find them harder to store and clean properly but I’ll make an exception for this one. One end is designed for highlight (tapered end) and the other for contour and honestly I don’t use this for highlight at all. I have more precise brushes I prefer for that but you totally could. I love how soft the brush is. I like using the whole thing for contour I like to use the tapered end to apply and blend it out with the opposite end. It makes precision contouring easier, really nice for smaller faces where some bigger brushes can be overwhelming. A win for me!


Natural Contour Powder $20
This was another one that I really wasn’t a fan of at first. The quality and pigmentation was there, I just initially thought that it wasn’t as universal as I was hoping. I played around with it some more and was surprised I really got it to work for me. (fair skin tone) I have to use a super light hand but because it is so pigmented I still get a nice contour, but it is still easy for me to blend out when needed without being patchy. The color is more cool which I prefer with my contour products. I think with medium skin tones it would work nicely too. I bought this for my kit and it’s another one I think I will get a lot of use out of.

Pixi has come out with some great new products. I will have to go back and grab their skin care, they were really bare last time I looked. I have heard a lot of great things. I am really excited for their cleansing balm. Have you tried any of their new products? What worked? What didn’t? I am really starting to get into this brand.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you all enjoyed today’s review! Don’t forget to follow me to keep up with the latest and greatest. You can also see what I am up to on the daily on my social media (links below as always). Until next time…




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