Do you buy the RIGHT makeup… do you REALLY?

Hey everyone!
Long time no see! I finally got some stuff together and am so excited to officially announce that I have launched my freelance business and am open for bookings (see my events page for more info)!
My husband and I are actually teaming up our businesses to bring you some VERY exciting projects coming soon! (I’m smiling through the computer, that’s how excited I am!)

Back to makeup…

So many people have stopped me asking for advice on their makeup for one reason or another. The most asked about subject is how to make your makeup look better. When I tell you the answer it will seem so simple but it’s one of those things that you don’t think about until someone actually puts it into words. So what’s the key to get the most out of your makeup? DRUM ROLL PLEASE!….


I know the response. You know your skin type right? Do you? Coming from first hand experience I would guess about 70% of the people that have come to me for skin analysis don’t know their skin type 100%. I urge you PLEASE go get your skin analysed. There are so many salons that do it for free, and every beauty school I have seen does it for free too.

Your skin type is SO IMPORTANT! I’m sure many of you know your skin is your biggest organ of your body and it has such an important job. Sorry to lecture but if you take action and cater to your skin now, you won’t regret it later. Caring for your skin correctly will make you feel better, look better, and your makeup will look the best it can.

So what happens during a skin analysis? (Keep in mind this is what I do for analyzing skin. Experiences may vary)

First thing I do when determining skin type is ask questions. What do they like about their skin and what don’t you like about your skin.

Second I cleanse and tone the skin to remove any excess debris and oil that may linger because of food or lotions etc.

Next I put on my grim reaper mask and drag you to a dark room. (just kidding) but seriously I take my clients into a room pitch black room and turn on my Woods Lamp (basically a special black light with super seeing powers) and look at the skin. The skin shows different colors which tells me what issues the skin has and where. Thinks like dehydration, oil, scaring, hyper-pigmentation, bacteria etc. With this information I can then determine a skin type and recommend products to try. Keep in mind just because a product says it is for a certain skin type doesn’t mean it works for everyone with that skin type and also that the opposite skin type should stay away. Depending on what you want your end result to be recommendations may vary.

Makeup and skin for me is a fun science project and each person’s skin has more variables than you can imagine. Once you find the right combo it’s like hitting the jackpot for your face.

That’s everything for today. Hope you enjoyed my skin care rant. Don’t forget to follow me to keep up with the latest and greatest as well as on social media (links below as always)

What are your best kept skin care secrets? Have you ever gotten your skin analyzed? What was your experience like? I would love to know. Leave me a comment below and until next time…




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