Perfect Skin for your Perfect Day…

It’s a week before your “Perfect Day”. You look in the mirror one morning and decide today is the day to plan what to wear, how to style your hair and what makeup pulls the whole look together. Then it happens…(insert dramatic music here)…


It’s droopy, dry from a rough winter, red, and of course a nice red breakout right smack dab in the middle of your face. It’s not Christmas anymore you can’t use the excuse that you are just so excited to meet Rudolph. So what do you do about it?

Tips for the best chance at the best skin on your perfect day for your perfect makeup application…

  1. WATER WATER WATER WATER! Please drink water! I’m serious not just one extra glass. If I could I would take everything else out of your diet liquid wise and focus on the water especially the caffeine. Caffeine is pretty much a dull form of poison for your body in the first place and I promise if this is something you want to stick with you won’t need the caffeine to begin with. Caffeine dehydrates your body inside and out (that’s why you have to pee all the time) and sucks the life out of your face, makes your skin way drier than it needs to be so let me be clear once more… WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!
  2. ALOE! I add this to my skin care every time I take care of my face. It helps the moisture sink in, helps with lines and aging. It really just takes your skin to the next level. Aloe in with other products is a bonus but if you want the direct benefits of aloe get it pure and add it in after your toner. One of my secret weapons for sure!
  3. Aquaphor. So lets say you are doing all of the above but you get chronic dry skin or just can’t get that last patch of dry skin to go away. Aquaphor is my emergency skin doctor. I use it on everyone! You can do so much with it! For those of you who don’t know it’s similar to Vaseline but in my opinion does a way better job. I would use it on those stubborn dry patches at night right before you go to bed and let it do its magic at night. It will really help your skin bounce back. You can also use it below your eyes (not too close) to get that extra stubborn mascara off. Just be sure to follow my next tip because since it is so thick you really want to make sure you clean it off before you go about your day.
  4. Follow a consistent skin care routine. What I mean is please clean your skin morning and night every day. Yes EVERY DAY! Cleanse, tone, Moisturize, repeat! Just like eating three meals a day to keep up your energy. It is so important to do this consistently because you skin needs to regulate to the routine so if you are adding or changing product your skin is just trying to catch up and regulate. It is okay to add things in but just make sure you give your skin a week or more to balance itself before saying to product doesn’t work, or that it’s not right for you. It is like starting a new medication. In that case it can take months for your body to adapt to the new source! Plus if something really doesn’t work for you or maybe you react because of it; it may not be as easy to decipher which product is the culprit.
  5. Lastly if you haven’t already, and I know I have said this before. Get your skin analyzed by a pro. Most will do this super cheap or free especially if you go to a school. Most people think they know what their skin needs until a professional can use their tools and really see what the skin is telling them it needs. If you don’t know your skin type how can we make sure the products we use are making it the best it can be? It’s like going to a doctor and telling them your symptoms, most will do a physical exam and may find that your symptoms don’t match up with what you think your issue is, and a better course of treatment is needed.

Our skin is our largest organ, our first impression, or confidence booster, and our biggest protector, so let’s do it justice and repay the favor, just in time for your perfect day!

As a Makeup Artist and Esthetician, I see so many people who don’t care for their skin and it makes me sad because I know that it may not be an issue now but it will be someday and if we can avoid that day and keep our skin healthy then we owe it to our skin. Oh, and WATER!




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