I always talk about external beauty and products here on my blog, but we can be beautiful on the outside and not so beautiful on the inside. Many (not all) times I have witnessed that those who take excessive time to work on their outside don’t always do the same inside.

I get it we all have different lives, husbands, wives, kids, jobs and dogs to think about and take care of but we can’t take care of all of that with 100% effort without taking time for to work on ourselves inside. Every time I used to hear people talk about similar subjects I would just brush it off. I never really understood it until I tried it myself. Wow. It really DOES make a difference to make a happier, stronger, more balanced you to create a more balanced outside. It really is true if you put out good and love in the world you really do get the best out of everything. Your whole mindset changes even the bad has something good hidden in it somewhere. We may not see it right away but in hindsight we can reflect the lessons.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to work on myself…

Yoga! I have been LOVING Yoga! Even a few minutes a day morning or night really helps me center myself physically and emotionally so I can put my best foot forward. I don’t always get the time to practice as much as I want (kids you know) but it really has worked wonders for me. I can also see the immediate effects physically. I don’t ache as much and I have joints that pop quite a lot and I’m starting to see a reduction with that and I just feel better overall. I hope over time it will just get better and better (more to come I’m sure). So if Yoga isn’t your thing find something physical to do that you enjoy. It could be going to the gym, taking daily walks, or dancing in your living room, I really feel it will help you in so many ways!

Diet. Most of us hear the word diet and we think “Oh, what new trend can we pick up now and fail at?” That’s not what I mean at all. When I say diet I really mean a way of life not a quick fix that is going to melt off 5lbs in a week then you stop and gain it all back. Take a good look at what you are putting in your body. It doesn’t have to be a huge change overnight if that isn’t your thing. We can make a change one area at a time. Maybe we replace that daily bottle of soda with a can or maybe carbonated water. Maybe instead of eating donuts for breakfast we pick fruit or a delicious smoothie. Start simple and build. For me personally I recently went full on Vegan. Yes I know some people think that’s just as scary as the word diet. People think it’s extreme. I’m not here to preach but if you are interested I can do my best to answer questions about it. I will say, I feel so much better; I’m healthier than ever before and my mood, my weight and my attitude has really been more positive since the change and for that and SO MANY MORE REASONS, I’m Vegan for life! If you don’t believe me I encourage you to do your own research. It’s crazy the things you will discover with this lifestyle.

Exercise your brain. Yep I say it again more exercise. The more muscles we work inside and out the better we are overall. My favorite way to work my brain is either by puzzles (I love the logic ones) and cuddling up with a good book and my favorite blanket at night. I fall asleep better, I wake up better, and even when I am sick I don’t feel as “sick” as I used to before I would do these things. There are so many ways to do this online look some up!

Lastly RELAX. Sometimes it’s easier said than done but maybe take a 20 min bath after the kids go to bed to unwind, meditate, or whatever sounds good to you. Take yourself to that happy place. I find this also helps me in all aspects of my life, sleep, kids, job, chores etc.

What I love about all of these things is we can do as little or as much as we want based on our own lifestyles. It is really amazing how these little things can affect your life. I am a true believer in Karma. Positivity is contagious, and we could all use a little more love in our lives.

I hope you all pay it forward, take time to work on yourself so we can care and give compassion to those around us and keep spreading the good vibes!

Be the change you wish to see.





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