Makeup Removal VS. Cleansing your Skin.

I love makeup… no really I LOVE makeup. It’s my way of art, so many different canvases, so many different colors, textures, and techniques to play with. Every day I am challenged with a new idea or look to create or make my own!

At the end of the day it is so important to know the difference between taking off your makeup and caring for your skin. I don’t know for sure but I am sure some are under the impression that when you take your makeup off you are cleansing your skin at the same time… sorry friends there is a difference.

It is so important to do BOTH steps. (I know what you’re thinking… Great now I need to do more!) Well, yes and no. If you don’t really wear makeup or much makeup then the process isn’t that much different, but if you play with a lot of makeup or wear a fuller face of makeup then it may take more time BUT think about how long it took to create that look in the first place, it SHOULD take a bit to remove it too. Part of the responsibility of caring for our largest organ (skin of course).

So what IS the difference? You can remove your makeup but not clean your skin. I get many questions about why skin acts a certain way and my first question back is always “How are you caring for your skin currently?” It is also unwise to “cleanse the skin” while wearing a full face of makeup as well because there are so many layers that you aren’t getting into those skin layers so that poor product more than likely is not being used to the best of it’s ability.

Makeup Removal:

Weather you wear makeup that day or not I still recommend at least using a makeup wipe or Micellular water to remove the makeup or “gunk” from the day or night. Think about all of the junk your face comes in contact with just on your pillow case! Dust, sweat, oil, saliva, maybe some animal hair all goes directly back onto your skin. Like I said dealer’s choice on this one (I tend to use both) but take advantage and clean that makeup off your face BEFORE you think about tending to the actual skin.

If you do wear more makeup like myself then all of that makeup is like your face wearing a scarf. That makeup is going to clog those pores and after a period of time can create more problem skin than the soft even skin our makeup helps us portray.

Skin Care:

After you remove your makeup your products that many spend hard earned money for can better penetrate your skin layers. Serums, oils, even your moisturizer will do so much better on a freshly “de-gunked” face. Even when exfoliating, removing that makeup first will help declog those pores so much better, and trust me your skin will thank you for it.

Take my word for it if you must but please take off that makeup and morning “skum” before you take care of that skin you Dirty Hippie!




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