Salon Makeup Application VS Licensed Makeup Artist

Salon Makeup VS.  Licensed Makeup Artist

Why is there such a difference between getting your makeup done at a salon and hiring a Makeup Artist? Prices are so much different and I get asked often why that is. Today I am here to tell you why and leave it up to you to decide which option fits your needs the most, and maybe give you a better understanding of the HUGE differences between each. Keep in mind these observations are for MOST salons vs. artist debates as many other comparisons it may not be so in every case. Keeping that in mind…

Salon Makeup:

Many makeup applications are less expensive at a salon then a traveling artist which is a huge win if you are on a stricter budget or if you feel that it may not be as much of an important part of your big day. The reason it often is less expensive is because it costs less for the artist as well, many times it costs the salon or artist quite a bit less because salons tend to use/contract with one brand to draw clients i.e. Aveda products or Organics etc. It is awesome if you love that brand but if you don’t love everything about that product like you are a bit stuck using what you can. Most salons already carry much of the equipment needed for a great makeup application such as lighting, taller chairs, storage etc. therefore that part of the cost is less inconvenient.

Unfortunately if you really want an expert for your even it isn’t always guaranteed that your artist is as skilled as they could be with makeup meaning they may have come to that career because they really loved cutting hair or doing nails therefore spend their extra time and required education requirements expanding the skills that they are passionate about (which is wonderful) but other areas may not be as advanced as a result. The only other mayor downfall of salon makeup is MOST salons are sales driven meaning they give great service but also have pressure to sell you some sort of product afterwards. Some salons even require that the professional sell a minimum amount per day or week or what have you. I can tell you from experience that is not a fun pressure to have especially after making someone so happy or feel so great then they may not have the best response leaving that client leaving with a negative thought which is NEVER the intent on anyone’s part.


Licensed Makeup Artist:

So why do professional artists cost more? That’s because it costs them more, all product, equipment, chairs, cleaning products, insurance etc. come directly out of their pocket. Professional artists do get discounts as certain places or with certain brands but that may or may not cover all the supplies they need to perform. MOST don’t sign with one brand to help cover some of the cost, which is a huge benefit in a way because they get to choose the products that they believe work for most people. Many artists cost double or more compared to salon artists. It gives them the freedom to acquire the best products to give the best services and ultimately the best results for their skill level. A major perk of a professional artist is that most travel to you for your event which means you don’t have to take the time to make another stop, most clients are more relaxed and happy knowing that the artist is the one going the extra mile to make their day special.

The passion a licensed artist has is amazing. As a stylist who loves hair makeup artists love their job too and spend most of their extra time experimenting with product and new techniques to further their skills and go the extra mile to personalize each experience. Licensed artist really are driven through the challenge of creating something new on a new canvas and doing their best to give the best experience possible. I like to say they are service driven. I know my favorite is the smile of my client’s face as I show them the finished work.

The decision is yours, all are great professionals that have a real passion for their job but there is a clear difference between the two. I hope you have a more clear insight to the differences to make the choice that fits your needs best!





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