Questions for your makeup artist…

It can be overwhelming looking for the right person or place to get your makeup done. There are so many different prices, places, styles, etc. to choose from. The biggest mistake I see or hear is that we don’t always remember to ask questions. Behold! I am here to help.

The number 1 question to ask an artist is if they are licensed. Not all states require a license to perform makeup services but here in my home state of Iowa they do. I highly recommend if you are going to let someone put product on your face that even if the state doesn’t require it that you spend the extra money and get your makeup done by someone who has had the training. A license not only means that the artist follows strict hygienic practices to minimize breakouts and cross contamination but if they are specifically Estheticians (as I am) they have a great understanding of the skin in general including how it reacts to different products, why and how to fix many many issues. In my state specifically we are legally required to carry a copy of our license on us when working to prove our worth in a way. In my opinion it is so important to make sure your artist is as trained and clean as possible.

The biggest thing to remember that most of the time private makeup artists charge very differently based on the products in their kit and years of experience. If you are going to splurge or the bigger ticket items it is ok to ask the following questions…

How long have you been a makeup artist?

Is this your full time job?

Where did you get your license?

Why did you pick makeup as a career?

Everyone has a different story and it may keep you at ease knowing you chose the right person for the job. Most artists love to get to know their clients and will talk about anything, we love making that connection so we can gauge your personality and bring it to life in your look.

Don’t be afraid to ask question or just make small talk. It makes everything and everyone more comfortable and in the end relaxed. It really shows and makes it easier if the artist does something that you don’t prefer or want changed for you to speak up. Most artist won’t be offended. Remember we are there to make you look glamorous, beautiful, but still YOU on your special day!




One thought on “Questions for your makeup artist…

  1. Holly says:

    Do you use a lash serum? If so, which do you like? I have used lash boost by R&F and love it, but was thinking of trying Younique or Mary Kay since they’re not as expensive. Any others I should look into? Or maybe I should just splurge again and get the R&F for $150?? It really did work!


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