Individuality in Makeup

In the spirit of Prom and other formal events approaching, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about makeup (surprise!)

Just like so many other things society feels the need to regulate what is normal or what they expect you to look like on prom, weddings, and any other day for that matter. They always feel the need to tell us what looks good together and sometimes can make us feel backed into a corner frustrated with an urge to explore!

I am here to tell you GO EXPLORE MAKEUP! Who cares if people think the colors you use aren’t acceptable. You do you.

I have the most fun with those who love to push the boundaries when it comes to cosmetics not only when it comes to color but when it placement etc. It not only is fun to step outside my comfort zone but also it challenges me to be a better artist. If your thing is to rock green and red eye shadow every day go for it! If it’s a rich grudge lip or an in-your-face highlight, man I envy you! I love the experimentation and helping my clients bring out their personalities with makeup.

I really hope that this opens our eyes. (pun intended) Makeup is just like fashion you can make it what you want it to be. Instead of looking at those who may select a different kind of look than you may be comfortable with, embrace it. Focus on that technical application and creativity rather than skipping to that normal judgmental phase which we tend to do either if we don’t agree with something or don’t understand it.

We are all amazing individuals with such unique paths and we can really learn a lot from each other if we keep our minds open to it. Makeup is just another form of individuality.

“The world is yours.”




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