How to get the Glimmer out of your Glitter Eye Shadow!

With Prom season finally here I thought I would take a quick moment to talk about the lovely world glitter! Glitter can be tricky, sticky and down right icky if you don’t have the right tools, so here are my tips to get the most glimmer out of that glitter.

  1. Prep- Make sure you prep the skin for any makeup application let alone for something as tricky as glitter specifically eye shadow. The best way to prep your skin is to make sure you exfoliate a day or so before. Dry patches on the skin in combination with glitter just ensures that the glitter won’t last as long, flake off, and some can make the un-exfoliated skin worse. Make sure to hydrate the skin well too with a good moisturizer per your skin type. Healthy skin will help your makeup look the best it can.
  2. Product- There are two main products that it is important to consider when thinking about glitter pigment. First is the primer. When it comes to glitter a good quality primer is not enough. You can buy the best high end primer and fail with glitter easily. Look for a glitter specific primer. My favorite is NYX Glitter primer. It is so sticky and really seals the glitter on the lid reducing fall out and creating vibrant pigment. Second is the actual glitter. I use loose glitter but make sure not to get anything with too small of glitter if you can because if something happens and that glitter gets into your eyes it can really irritate them. It is also important to find glitter that isn’t too thick for the same reason. The thicker the glitter the easier it is for it to cut your skin creating scaring or eye irritation.
  3. Placement- Make a plan about what you want your look to come out like. You can use glitter to create a stunning cut crease, halo, or even a deep smoky eye. Make sure you know what you are doing and how to create that look if you are doing it yourself. Second make sure to use the right makeup brush for packing on the color. I prefer to use a dense rounded but small eye shadow brush. I have a few from Real Techniques that do a great job of packing color and glitter.
  4. Patience- Glitter is tricky. Make sure you have the time to complete the look you want. If you are strapped for time it might be better to re think the look either using less, or using it as a topper instead of being the main star of the show.
  5. Spray- Just like in any makeup look especially with special occasions make sure to set your makeup with a good lock-in setting spray. My favorite lately for weddings and special occasions has been the Milani Make it Last Setting Spray. Not only does this stuff really last and lock it all in well but it helps melt the look together into the skin vs. sitting on top.
  6. Removal- The most important step is removing that glitter. DO NOT SLEEP WITH GLITTER ON! It can get into sensitive areas of the face, and I promise you will regret it in the morning. To remove glitter specifically I would suggest a good and wet makeup wipe making sure to start in the inner eye lid and swipe out towards the outter lid and repeat making sure to separate the top of the eye (the actual lid) and the bottom (under the eye) ensuring less of a chance that the glitter with get where it is not wanted. It is also important to note that after one swipe, make sure to move to a different area of the wipe. Don’t use the same area twice.
  7. Know the risks- Wearing glitter is not without risks. Even with the most experience makeup wearers there is never a guarantee that glitter will stay in the right place. Please be cautious that when you use glitter be mindful of where it is placed and how well it stays in place.

Glitter can be so much fun and add a lot of drama for any look. Remember these important tips and im sure you can make that glimmer come through.




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