Happy May Day!

It’s obviously getting warmer (thank goodness)! Although we should be protecting our skin all year around, many of us only do during the warmer months of the year. Brings me to today’s topic what is SPF and what does it ACTUALLY do? We all know it protects the skin but today we are going a little more in depth…

I’m going to sounds like a science teacher for a second here and tell you the basics of SPF. Let’s start with what SPF means. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Basically the degree of SPF let’s take 20 for example means that the product will protect your skin from burning 20x longer than if you were in the sun without any protection. If you would normally burn in 15 min, a SPF of 20 would protect you for roughly 5 hours while re applying as directed! That’s not all 5 hours sounds great but it’s not the WHOLE story… an SPF of 20 vs 40 means that SPF 20 blocks 1/2 as many rays or radiation as 40 would.

Part three… I know there’s more! So we buy a SPF of 30 let’s say that blocks 97% of the radiation to our skin. This is the most important part in my opinion, you still might not be as protected as you think you are… In order to get that full 30 SPF protection you need to use 1oz of sunscreen on the body and 1ml on the face. I’ve done this and the first time it’s a crazy huge amount of product. I’ve found applying some and letting it sink in then applying another layer is the best way to go.

Last part (for today) type of sunscreen, yes there are different types too! Physical and Chemical. Chemical sun screens takes the sun’s rays and converts them into heat energy while physical SPF deflect and scatter the sun’s radiation before they have a chance to hit the skin.

In my opinion, it’s so much better to get your SPF into your actual skin care routine vs adding it into makeup. You aren’t going to get the same benefits, and with the price of some makeup products to get the right amount of coverage from your SPF that has been added you would waste so much foundation product and money. The average foundation (because that is where SPF is most commonly added) is 1 fluid oz which means that foundation if used properly to ensure the proper SPF coverage would last you 1 MONTH. Yes 1 MONTH! Foundations can be so pricey you can do the math with your own foundation…

It is so important to protect our skin from the sun to prevent cancers, aging and other damaging effects to our health. It is so worth doing your research, getting the facts and give your skin, the largest organ in our body and one of the most vulnerable, the best chance for a healthy life we can.

Until next time!




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